The Adventure Life

The adventure life is about living a fitter, stronger, healthier, longer, more adventurous life. It’s not just about getting outside, but getting outside our box, as well. It’s about facing challenges and overcoming fears that have stood in our path for way too long. It’s about developing strategies to help make all of this happen. But, it’s also about taking a long look at ourselves and starting the reprogramming that can make all of these things possible. Because, ultimately the adventure starts on the inside.

Seeking to improve yourself every day, or at least whenever the opportunity arises. Personal growth can fall under different categories:
  • Physical Condition - by getting stronger, fitter, and healthier to live a longer life of adventure.
  • Success - to just become a better person and inspire those around you to do the same.
  • Adventure - play is the single-most important thing a person can do to be happy and stay young.
  • Longevity - the one thing that will add, not just years, but quality years to your life, both mentally and physically is exercise.

Should you choose to start down this path of a more adventurous life, understand that I am on the same journey myself and am still working on overcoming fears, shortcomings, and doubts, and always will be. Our early programming is so deeply rooted that it is a permanent part of who we are. We may not be able to banish it, but we can get it under control and keep it that way.

Life is truly an adventure!