Health and Fitness

Is there any one thing in your life that you can do for yourself that's more important than your health. Whether it is in the short-term (now) or the long-term (your later years), your health is the one thing that you have some, if not complete, control over (both mentally and physically). Building a fit, strong, and flexible body will allow you to get out and do the things you used to do as a child, and keep doing them well into your sixties, seventies, eighties, and maybe even nineties or more! Don't sell yourself short. You have the ability to make the necessary changes right now. Today!

Both aerobic and anaerobic cardio training are necessary for tackling today's daily routine, tomorrow's adventure, and lifelong battle against aging. 
Often overlooked, especially as we start getting "older", strength training may be the single most important part of your plan for increasing your healthspan. Every physical aspect of your adventurous lifestyle will be enhanced, positively or negatively, by the strength of the muscles in your body, both big and small. One of the key indicators of advanced aging is loss of balance, and your balance can be improved dramatically by increasing the strength of the small support muscles in your legs and more specifically, your hips.

The guidelines for Strength Training.

In order for you to maintain a significant cardio and strength training regimen, ultimately, you must maintain a sufficient level of flexibility. Without proper flexibility, you will start to incur injuries, both small and large. And these injuries/ailments will start a downward spiral that will limit your ability to train and lead to more injuries/ailments. Don't let this be the thing that puts you on the couch.

The guidelines for Flexibility.